Friday, May 15, 2009


The book is setting this mystified feeling. I've never taken a book so seriously in my life. It's set this mysterious and hypnotising vibe over me. Edward Cullen not being there, and his behavior the fisrt day, and all this sure sets the vibe. And, also, the author is so descriptive. That also makes it so ridiculously realistic. Any many characters, like Mike Newton and Jessica Stanely, I can relate to my friends. Also, her father Charlie, I like hearing about him. It's also nice how the author describes so much of the weather. And, I can also notcice, because the character is starting to notice, that the author is making the character get more and more interested in the Cullens. Like their clothes they mentioned having that designer like, but subtle spin, on their clothes. And since I know nothing about cars, it's nice of the author to describe that their car is a very nice car. Bella reminds alot of myself the way she talks to her mom over email. Also, since she's reading Wuthering Heights, that's also a book I'm going to have to check out. And Bella's attitude towards her dad when her dad calls Bella to her where she's at the stairs, and she's all like who else, reminds me a lot of my spunk toward my dad. And the silence that they both seem to like, I like that, but I never get it. I'm also liking the constant curiousity of Bella's for the Cullens. It indicates that we're going to get more in depth with them faster. And, I thought it was interesting, Charlie's remarks. The longest speech stuff, and the comments about the doctors. I keep wondering where Edward could be and if and when he's ever coming back.
And I'm loving hearing more about the Cullens and then Edward coming back. It's interesting abotu the circle under his eyes, the difference color of skin, and eventually the notice of eye-color change. I'm also curious about this, "curious," stare he's keeps giving her. And, I have ideas about the angry acting. But, he didn't look angry this time. The slight chagnes probably relate to the big attitude adjustment, I think anyway.
I think it's interesting the conversation between Edward and Bella. Instead of being angry towards her, he seems to be fond of her now. And making conversation he definetly is. I love how Bella is honest with how she feels. It's also nice to know that Bella's smart. But, I kind of find it offending, I mean to women independance and all, to the way he acted like she didn't know what she was talking about. I really love all this curiousity and concern he has for her. I'm also wondering at all these phrases that Edward seems to be completly proud of. And, obviously, he's still got some of that attitude head with his leaning away from her.
I also love how Bella is stubborn when exiting the parking scene, how she tries to make it look dramatic, but ends up looking embarrased. And I also loved her confidence and woman power as she exited the parking lot with out any notice towards Edward Cullen.

Well, when, in the hospital, I have time to read more I will. My goodness, you have no idea how uncomfortable this bed is! And don't think not reading the book isn't bugging me, because it is. It's very hard for me to just look at it sitting on that bedside table...still.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Well, I may be in the hospital, but my mom bought me the Twilight it's not all bad right? I mean, I may have an infection in my leg that I'll have to have surgery for, but I got the Twilight book...right? If an infection is all it took why didn't I try it before? JKing, JKing. Anyway, I've been in the hospital for a day or two, and I just read the first chapter in Twilight. It's, so far, one of those books that's got me curious, but hasn't necessairly grabbed 'hold of my attention. Although, this is the first book in a while I've actually been really excited to read. I mean, the girl, as she described, sounds like I could sympathize with her. Now, it's so cleashae as a started, I mean: small town, divorced parents, etc. It's definetly a folder waiting to happen. My friends have told me there's going to be a movie, and I slightly remember my mother mentioned some Twilight movie. I'm not going to check it out until I'm done reading, don't want to ruin it. I mean, not like I'll be checking much out in a hospital.
Well, it's a lot better than the ER. It was insane down there. Not only was I sad for all the people and frustrated for all the time their taking, but I was also feeling claustriphobic in the cramped room. My dad and brother sat in the chairs, while my mom sat on my hospital bed with me. Nurses came in every twenty minutes to tell us the same things over and over again: the kind of infection it was and kind of what they've figured out so far. I couldn't help but feeling terrible. My dad and brother then left for lunch. Bailers. But, then they brought in a preggo (pregnat) nurse to put my IV tube in, but she tried twice, and missed. So, another half hour and they sent in this other guy to try, and he had almost had it but missed. I was now bleeding, and hot, and whining, and on the verge on pain tears. They then brought in this guy who has only done this a few times, and guess what? He got it. But he DUG through my skin and vanes to get it. The needle shoved around...UH it makes me sick.
Anyway, they finally put me in a room and they won't let me walk. They made me get in a wheel chair. Weird.
I had to spend the night at the hospital and my mom stayed with me, then she swapped with my dad and got me the Twilight book, and a notebook, and candy and stuff.
The book that laid on the bedside table was driving me crazy. I want to go back and read. I don't know why. I just want to know how they main plot twist is going to play in.
But, it somehow wasn't the least of my worries. I was worried about the kind of homework that would be coming my way.
Well, I'll see.